Risk Management

As a proud partner of ARI, SSI provides the most extensive range of ERM capabilities currently available. 

SSI has developed a scalable, holistic approach to Risk Management that will be effective and efficient across the entire entity that:

  • Enables better understanding of issues & risks impacting organization’s ability to reach strategic objectives, goals & deliverables
  • Uses combined issue & risk information from across organization to meet business objectives & drive performance & growth
  • Provides basis for creating ‘risk-awareness culture’
  • Addresses all types of issues & risks (e.g., operational, project, governance & compliance, strategic, financial)
  • Places as much importance on exploitation & management of opportunities as reduction & management of threats

ERM Encompasses All Company Functions

  • Health & safety of work environment
  • Physical work place security
  • Cyber security & other protections for IT
  • Environmental impact on surrounding geographical areas
  • Litigation
  • Financial activities
  • Personnel/human capital: ability to attract, retain, improve workforce skills
  • Conflict of interest (e.g. relative to sponsoring government agencies)
  • Reputational concerns (e.g. upset conditions impact, quality of work performed)
  • Management effectiveness in preparing for and responding to various changes and disruptions, especially unanticipated “events”
  • Political concerns impacting company’s business

    SSI’s ERM approach fully integrates the identification, analysis, and decision process across the entire organization

    SSI’s ERM approach offers only what is needed from complete integration to spot enhancement for specific areas of need