Quality Assurance Readiness Program (QARP)

SSI provides expert assistance in ensuring organizations can meet the high standards associated with Quality Assurance. 

Our expert team of engineers are here to help ensure your organization succeeds. 

To address any questions, please call 706-250-4603; or to submit an inquiry to SSI, email contact@successtaging.com. We will reach out to you promptly!

SSI can assist to determine whether companies and their supply chains are adequately prepared to meet the high standards and formal attention to nuclear Quality Assurance by assisting with:

  • Establishing & maintaining conformance to applicable nuclear standards
  • Establishing strong quality commitment and associated systems/processes within your organization and across your nuclear supply chain
  • Expanding opportunities/exposure of your business across the nuclear sector

We do this in a three phased approach

Phase 1 - Baseline Assessment and Defining a Future State

Perform comprehensive assessment of client or designated supplier(s) Quality Assurance (QA) program(s) current state

  • Define current/future types of customers, partners & suppliers
  • Establish scope of QA requirements based on products, services & companies to be evaluated
  • Assess current quality assurance status through examination of existing quality policies, documentation & follow-up interviews

Recommend a QA program future state

  • Determine required QA program hierarchy & requirements
  • Select QA program attributes that best fit overall structure & address requirements
  • Perform gap analysis to determine changes required to pass relevant nuclear sector QA audits
Phase 2 - Lay Out the Path Forward to Achieve the Desired Future State
  • Develop actionable plans for addressing prioritized needs identified in gap analysis (e.g., procedures, work processes, training, transition management, technology tools, utilization/skill sets development)
  • Recommend transition tasks to facilitate timely & effective attention to & acceptance of priorities throughout company(s)
  • Resolve client comments & provide final documentation
Phase 3 - Execution
  • Provide skill sets development & related training to facilitate client implementation of action plans
  • Provide assistance updating procedures & work processes; assist with introduction of technology tools to improve overall efficacy of QA program
  • Provide assistance with implementation of recommended transition management tasks
  • Morph lessons learned to “lessons applied” to improve QA program