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“You all have been a key and integral part of the DFLAW project.  The Value Engineering and conceptual design studies led by your team were invaluable to building a strategy that will hold up to the challenges and scrutiny experienced at any new nuclear facility.  You helped the DFLAW team move forward with a defensible baseline and proposal which has been validated throughout the design phase.  The use of world class alternative selection methods, innovation, and commitment to deliver as promised is a unique set of attributes for a lean small business. Thank you for your support! You are on my short list to call for our next challenge.”

- Bruce Schappell - Area Project Manager for WTP DFLAW/BOF/Lab Projects 


“The focus of this work, NNSA’s NSE-IC, was to bring about improved integration and effectiveness across the NNSA Defense Program, a challenging and demanding task which brought together the senior officials from the contractors. The knowledge, proven tools, and approaches that were brought to bear were effective and recognized by all the team members and more importantly by the customer. This was so well demonstrated that the team was challenged with additional work scope to serve NNSA.

Of even greater importance is that William Jackson and his team demonstrated a level of dedication, tireless energy, and competence which when combined with the skill and tools helped to create a level of confidence and trust that exceeded expectations of the senior management at labs, plants, NTS, and NNSA. Finally, the work ethic and commitment to the effort was simply outstanding.”

- Glenn Mara


“Thanks, Ed…. and thank you again for all your help. Ron was right when he said you would really add value to our efforts!”

- Linda A Pickard


“You have been the ‘spark-plug’ that we needed. Your support has been invaluable.” 

 - Marty Schoenbauer