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Systems Engineering

Why Systems Engineering?

System engineering professionals provide a critical role integrating management, customers, suppliers, and specialty engineers in the development of solutions to complex issues (problems), threats and opportunities. Doing it right the first time reduces resources to reach a desired end state, which SE’s optimize.

SSI Systems Engineering = Proactive Management vs. Crisis Management

  • Problem Definition/Mission Need: Use a formal & disciplined method to clearly identify & document the real problem or mission need
  • Function & Requirements Analysis: Ensure product meets needs of stakeholders & users
  • Validation: Determine that requirements are valid & sufficient
  • Alternative Evaluation/Decision-Making: Study alternative solutions & select the best choice
  • Verification: Ensure conformance & compliance with requirements, product is “right thing”

Applying Systems Engineering Practices Leads to a "Systems Thinking" Culture

  1. Good business practices
  2. Increased likelihood of success
  3. Identification & understanding of issues, risks, & opportunities
  4. Integration of decisions & trending of efficiencies or changes
  5. Opportunity for improved resource allocations, & better stewardship of budgeted dollars

Systems Engineering Model

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