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DOE Q Clearance
William N. Jackson (Bill), President


A clear vision guiding the skills of many who trust and believe that a successful execution will result in a better state...

  • motivation becomes self perpetuating
  • tasks are purposeful
  • work is fun!

Bill Jackson brings 30 years experience to the table focused on promoting and developing systems engineering, project management applications, and expanding and improving customer skills and processes. Working in concert with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bill has been improving the integration of eight (8) sites that make up the USA's Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE), a five (5) billion dollar enterprise. He assisted with the formation of the NSE-Integration Council, which has membership from presidents of the eight (8) corporations that manage the eight NSE Weapons Sites. The Council has been cited as being very successfully by the NNSA through making measurable improvements across the enterprise. He completed a 3-year assignment as Chief Systems Engineer to the NNSA-NA12 organization responsible for an annual budget exceeding three billion dollars. In this capacity Bill managed a Systems Engineers group that provided day-to-day support across the United States nuclear weapons complex focused on making lasting infrastructure improvements while providing support to current programs, projects and business processes. He is recognized among his peers as results-oriented coupled with solid negotiating and engineering skills and is motivated to get positive results.


As manager of a systems engineering group providing support to the Savannah River Site Nuclear Material Stabilization and Storage Division Bill supported development of technical baselines, new mission areas, and projects for NMSS. He provided key support to the HEU Blend-Down Program, Plutonium Immobilization program, Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility, and Plutonium Storage programs while continuing development of systems engineering and program/project management process applications.


Past engineering and management positions, coupled with a positive can-do personality and desire to learn while adding value, places Bill in a unique position to lead Success Staging International. He has 18 years management experience in projects (including R&D) and mission develop arenas and 12 years experience in plant operations/maintenance, equipment design/development/ fabrication/installation and startup for new and retrofitted radioisotope processing facilities. He has worked at the majority of DOE sites and has provided services to the United Kingdom nuclear weapons program.