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SSI is a management consulting firm whose focus is on enabling success, increasing clients' value and transforming organizations. For more than three decades, our staff has been helping people and organizations examine the way they think and manage. Within organizations, human resources are not always enabled to reach their full potential. Many systems/processes become lethargic and non-responsive, draining the energy and resources away from attaining objectives.


SSI provides services and products to re-energize individuals and organizations, enabling them to reach their full potential.

We offer expertise and assistance with:


  • Problem & Mission Definition
  • Functions & Requirement Analysis
  • Alternative Analysis & Decision Making
  • Validation and Verification
  • Interface Management
  • Risk & Issues Management


The focus: "Requirements", "Risks", "Value" and "Metrics"

Requirements form the foundation/bedrock, which everything builds upon. Too little, and individuals, systems, organizations function freely, but as they grow they become less and less productive and supportive. Too much, and the creativity, drive for knowledge becomes stifled, with lower and lower productivity. The balance has been lost in many organizations, with "stove pipes" of excellence driving costs higher and productivity lower.

Risks many times drive additional requirements with good intent to reduce the potential consequences and or likelihood associated with the risk. But, at the same time, the residual risk, the risk remaining after executing some strategy, does not change and/or cannot be quantified. Understanding the basis for requirements is a key to increasing productivity and freeing up individuals and organizations creativity, especially where the basis is "reduced risks".


Why work with SSI?

  • Proven problem solver, driven, motivated, experienced, trusted
  • Our principals are directly involved in every engagement
  • We have extensive knowledge of planned and implemented solutions at other organizations
  • We have a proven track record that can be measured by successful implementations and the length of our engagements
  • We have a broad network of contacts with whom we work and communicate regularly.
  • Our principals and associates have extensive experience working within the DOE Complex